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Embark on an enlightening journey at Nosotros Academy in Tucson, Arizona - your destination for a FREE, College and Career Prep, State-Accredited K-12 Public education!

Nosotros Academy isn't just a school; it's a promise of a prosperous future. Our legacy stands testament with countless graduates excelling in high-paying jobs, military, and further studies at prestigious institutions. As we always say, "It's not about where you are at but where you are going." Join our academy, where dreams transform into achievements.

How to Enroll at Nosotros Academy

Embarking on a rewarding educational journey at Nosotros Academy is a straightforward process. To make this transition seamless, let's delve into the two primary steps:

Submit the Application Form

  • Download & Complete: Access our simple PDF form, designed for ease of completion. Fill in the necessary details, ensuring no section is left blank and submit it to info@nosotrosacademy.org or turn it to campus. In addition, you're welcome to come in person to get docs and fill in person on campus with the assistance of the office staff (upon request).
  • Safety First: While our form is a downloadable PDF, rest assured that the safety and confidentiality of your information remains our top priority once submitted.
  • Instant Acknowledgment: After submission, you'll receive a confirmation from our end, indicating we have successfully received your application.
  • Always Here to Help: If you face any challenges during the application process, our dedicated support team stands ready to assist.

Don't Forget Your Documentation

Before finalizing your application, take a moment to review and organize the necessary documentation. It's essential to ensure that everything is in order, as incomplete documentation may delay the enrollment process. Whether it's the immunization records, the proof of Arizona residency, or the crucial documents related to prior educational experiences, every piece plays a part in crafting a complete picture of your student's academic journey. And for those availing of specific programs, like the breakfast/lunch initiative, keep in mind the necessary case numbers. It's always beneficial to keep a checklist handy to track your documentation.


Our dedicated support team is available to guide you throughout the application process.

Why Choose Nosotros Academy for Enrollment?

Distinguished Education

Dive into our curriculum, which not only aligns with AZ college and career standards but is also recognized for its quality and depth.

Proficient Faculty

Our teaching staff, seasoned in imparting college and career-ready standards, are dedicated to turning dreams into realities for every student.

Customized Learning Paths

From our nurturing K-8 environment fostering fun and a bully-free setting, to our comprehensive 9-12 High School and innovative Independent Learning programs, we cater to every student’s unique needs.

Beyond the Classroom

Our partnerships with programs like JTED offer access to professional courses, ensuring success in both academia and practical fields like EMT, Veterinary Assistance, and more.

We would love to be in touch.

Contact us today for student enrollment, scheduling a parent-teacher conference, or for general information.
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