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Discover the Diverse Programs at Nosotros Academy!

Explore the many options of educational programs at Nosotros Academy, each designed to meet individual learning needs and career goals. Whether it's the nurturing environment of our K-8 program, the comprehensive curriculum of our 9-12 High School, or the flexible and self-paced Independent Learning Program, there is a place for every learner here. Dive in to find more about how each program is designed to offer a balanced mix of academic rigor, life skills, and a pathway to college and career readiness. Join us and let's tailor an educational journey that’s just right for you or your child!
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K-8 Education Program

Welcome to Nosotros Academy's K-8 Education Program, where parents and guardians send their children to become College and Career Ready! Our K-8 program is very special and meets the needs of ALL children. Students receive the maximum amount of minutes in all subject areas recommended by the Arizona Department of Education. What makes Nosotros Academy different is that we go above and beyond by giving extra help to our students DURING the school day. Nosotros Academy teachers do one-on-one tutoring, small group instruction, tutoring with a full-time teacher assistant and computerized instruction through iReady and Khan Academy. We challenge our on level students by giving them work that's above their grade level. On the other hand, Nosotros Academy has a great reputation for helping struggling learners. If you have a child who is having a hard time at school, has a learning disability, does not know English or needs more help from a teacher, Nosotros Academy can help! Our school has a history of helping struggling students grow 2-3 grade levels within a year. Our school does whatever it takes to get ALL students College and Career Ready!

Class sizes are small (12-25) students per class. Each grade level has a certified teacher. On top of that, students will have a full-time teaching assistant assigned to the classroom. With all that supervision, Nosotros Academy has built a reputation as an orderly, family-centered, bully-free and safe school! In addition, all our students are provided music, arts and sports classes!

9-12 High School Program

Our high school program has a mission of getting all student College and Career Ready by graduation! Our school prepares students for college through our challenging high school curriculum and our college courses through Pima Community College. In other words, students who graduate from Nosotros Academy will be ready for any college and even have some college credits to take with them! Moreover, our school believes in getting students ready for a career! All our students are challenged to enroll at JTED which helps high school students become a licensed professional by graduation. Nosotros Academy has a reputation for helping students find their dream job as welders, cosmetologist, veterinary techs, health aides, chefs, law enforcement agents, emergency medical techs and military personnel!

Our high school is different! Our class sizes are small, each teacher knows each student by name and high schoolers are provided full-time teacher assistants for tutoring and homework help! With all that adult supervision, Nosotros Academy has built a reputation of having a safe, bully-free and orderly high school. Lastly, we offer all students fantastic electives such as Art, Music, JTED, Weight Lifting, Basketball, Nintendo Switch, Gardening, Chess, Dual Enrollment at Pima Community College and so much more!

Independent Learning 9-12 High School Program

The Independent Learning 9-12 High School Program at Nosotros Academy has changed the lives of many high school students all around Tucson! This program helps high school students in three ways. (1) This program helps students who have fallen behind graduate on time! (2) This program helps students graduate EARLY! (3) This program helps students earn their high school diploma even if they have attended high school for more than 4 years.

Our Independent Learning 9-12 High School Program has helped hundreds of students earn their high school diploma! If you need a flexible school schedule that fits your needs this is the program for you, If you need to do your school work remotely or from home this program is for you. If you need an in-person space on campus that is quiet, orderly, welcoming, drama-free and safe, this program is for you!

Each student in this program is assigned a certified teacher. Class sizes are small and each student has support from a full-time teacher assistant for tutoring and homework help. Teachers and students come up with an education plan together. Students get the chance to tell their teacher how they learn best. Education plans include Online Credit Recovery (Edgenuity & SchoolsPLP), Project Based Learning, in-person instruction from a certified teacher or one-on-one instruction.

Students who graduate from this program go on to college, university, military or directly into the workforce! The Independent Learning 9-12 High School Program is here to serve any high school student's needs!


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Why Choose Nosotros Academy for Enrollment?

Distinguished Education

Dive into our curriculum, which not only aligns with AZ college and career standards but is also recognized for its quality and depth.

Proficient Faculty

Our teaching staff, seasoned in imparting college and career-ready standards, are dedicated to turning dreams into realities for every student.

Customized Learning Paths

From our nurturing K-8 environment fostering fun and a bully-free setting, to our comprehensive 9-12 High School and innovative Independent Learning programs, we cater to every student’s unique needs.

Beyond the Classroom

Our partnerships with programs like JTED offer access to professional courses, ensuring success in both academia and practical fields like EMT, Veterinary Assistance, and more.

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